Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream

Mango Smoothie

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Moktails are very popular now a days in all seasons. you can make this Restaurant style Moktails at home. follow these simple step to make this Mango Smoothie Moktails at home. Mango Smoothie Moktails Full recipe is below. see the recipe and make this at home.

Ingredients :

Thick Yogurt        : 1 Cup [Chilled]
Mango Puree        : 1 Cup [Chilled]
Powdered Sugar  : 2-3 Tbsp
Ice Cream              : 1 Scoop
Saffron                   : a few

Cooking Time :

Time : 2-3 Minutes

Servings :

2 Person

Mango Smoothie Recipe :

Step 1: Take a Mixture Jug and add the Thick Yogurt and Mango Puree.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream
Step 2: Then after add the Ice Cream scoop.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream
Step 3: Add the power sugar.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream
Step 4: Blend all the things. then mix it well.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream
Step 5: Transfer into glass and put some saffron on the top.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream
Step 6: Here your Mango Smoothie is ready to serve.

Mango Smoothie,moktails,mojito,mango,ice cream

First of all take the jug and add the thick yogurt and mango puree. then after add the power sugar and one scoop of ice cream. and blend it well and mix all things. transfer into glass and put some saffron on the top of the glass. Mango Smoothie is ready to serve.

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