Black Grapes Mojito

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Black Grapes Mojito

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Moktails are very popular now a days in all seasons. you can make this Restaurant style Moktails at home. Masala Soda is something we all enjoy, it is not only delicious but great for stomach as well. Here’s a fruity punch to the soda in Black Grapes Mojito.  follow these simple step to make this mojito Moktails at home. Black Grapes Mojito Moktails Full recipe is below. see the recipe and make this at home.


Black Grape Juice             : Half Cup
Sugar Syrup                        : 1 tbsp
Black Salt                            : 1/4 tsp
Roasted Cumin Powder   : 1/4 tsp
Lemon Juice                       : 1 tsp
Frozen Grapes                    : Half Cup
Crushed Ice
Club Soda

Cooking Time :

Time : 2-3 Minutes

Servings :

1 Person.

Black Grapes Mojito Moktail Recipe :

Step 1 : Take a Black Grapes Juice in a glass.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 2 : Then After add the fresh lemon juice.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 3 : add the little bit of the roasted cumin powder.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 4 : add the little bit of the black salt.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 5 : after add the frozen green grapes.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 6 : add the club soda in the glass and shake it well.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails
Step 7 : add some ice cubes in the glass and Now ready the Black Grapes Mojito Moktails.

Fooodiz,black grapes mojito,moktails

First of all take a black grapes juice in a glass. after add the fresh lemon juice in the glass. then after add the pinch of roasted cumin powder and black salt. and mix it well. then add the frozen green grapes. and add the club soda in the last and shake it well and in last add some ice cubes and serve the Black Grapes Mojito Moktail.




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